Freedom’s Rage

Is dedicated to

to ALL who Dare do


Reality Dictates

we must do!

And addresses the current insanity coursing through America’s streets with the following comment as posted on August 30th 2017 to:

To fail to confront evil is an equal evil. Period. 

When Franklin Roosevelt ordered a full mobilization subsequent to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he did so with NO room for evasion by anyone. Either young, able bodied men would VOLUNTEER to fight the face of evil, or they would be drafted to do so. Remember Audie Murphy; and the MILLIONS who enlisted knowing that their goal was to KILL each and every follower of the fool that led Germany to its SECOND destruction. America's Patriots shall stand firm and do what they KNOW they must. And shall soon start the process of identifying and tracking down all such fools and their leaders, regardless their status, with full knowledge that their DUTY to America's HIGHEST ideals, so compels them. Period. 

Fools, and nothing but fools, will discuss granting the time of day to idiots such as those who hope to gain public recognition and applaud because they purport to "believe" there is "A Plan" to assimilate the White Race, or worse, terminate it. They are fools. Period. 

They are fools whose various insecurities, leading them to develop a need to lie about, or otherwise avoid such matters, harm the interests of all other "White Race" individuals. Such stupidity and utter cowardice is not amenable to integration within the mature Adult world. 

Their fear of discovery as fools and non-stop liars in support of their weak-minded efforts to protect the will of evil merits our full and unrelenting attack upon them and the evil they choose to protect. Period.    

And lying about the goals and intent of such as the ACLU is an evil equal to the evil perpetrated by all Nazis, throughout time. America! Wake Up!


And so we embark on

a new era . . . one


"Speaking Truth To Power”

may well prove

quite dangerous, due to

Donald J.Trump,

America’s Presidential Pretense!

A greed driven fool who would never


to act as that depicted below,

and has put all “On Warning”. 

It is going to go

"His Way”, 

with nothing but

“Tough Lines” & “HardTimes"

for anyone who might

dare to confront or, worse,

oppose him on whatever subject.


Regardless, individuals who

understand the concept of

“To Duty!"

will never abandon the effort to 

Wake Humanity

to the need to


all personal vehicles.

It must and shall continue. 

It must as we have


response to the now visible acceleration of the

"Life Extinction Event” posing as a

"Runaway Global Heating Crisis".

If we have bonafide concerns

for our children and their future:

We shall respond to


by heeding what is offered at 


all personal vehicles!

And conduct ourselves

in a manner displaying a

full awareness of the threat

of our near term extinction

if we fail to get


on board.

Thank you.

Daniel J. Lavigne

Added this 15th Day of September 2017

Woe! Too many fools. Driven by far too much greed. We're done! Kaput! Its over! Hunt down those you hate and IMPALE them. It no longer matters and the Courts won't be there to mete out Justice! "We" did it to ourselves! Fools! Absolute Fools! Pass the Absinthe! Give me some Rum! And bring me Politicians! Bring me that scum! Axes & Ropes Sharp Sticks will do! Give them a jab and throw them in the stew! What else are we going to eat! As the HeatRise wipes out all food production? Go ahead! tell your Children! Our GREED for more did them in!

Georgia’s peach Crop has Failed!

Due insufficient number of “Chill Days”.

Our Food Crops are also starting to Fail!

Two years in a row will spell our end!

So, when shall “you” wake to the crisis?

And help FORCE the storage of ALL

Personal Vehicles?

Dare you? Or Not?

Do “You”, now, understand what is going on?

And, such aside:

The answer to the “Problem” posed by

North Korea

There is NO problem. The Nation is doing “exactly” as all others that chose to develop such weapons, for whatever reasons.

Now, either all of the arguments supporting the initial development of Nuclear Weapons by various States & the threats that were utilized to prevent them from doing so, remain as valid and with the same value as before; or we recognize that the only way to stop the madness is to utilize the madness and destroy each other BEFORE the non-stop HeatRise deems us “Fools" without an ability to learn.

Ergo: The world, including America, must now accept North Korea’s determination to be treated as a Nation with the same goals and rights to see those goals achieved as the rest of the world. That America can NOT impose its “Remedy” without setting loose the evil that it states it wishes to prevent, IS the way it IS. Too Bad. If America doesn’t like that and wishes to offer FALSE claims that it cannot and will NOT try to co-exist with a so armed North Korea: The Solution is at hand! They need but reduce it to Nuclear Ash.


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