And So We Marched . . .

Abandon not 

The Light of Freedom!

Fight! Before Bare Masts! 

And Hot Cannons! Fight!

With All Meaning! Fight!

And So We Marched . . .

In Single

Straight Lines

To Sign

Our Names

So Our Children

Would Know!

Their future

Was Why

Our Blood






The tune

Has turned

Our Children

A burden, 

Their future

A churn,

Hung round

Our necks

To remind us

They’ll Burn;

If We Fail

To follow 

The Message 

As found at

Such aside

Is dedicated to

Chelsea Manning,

Julian Assange,

Edward Snowden


Mark Baumer

(The young man who died - struck by a “Highly intelligent form of life driving a SUV”; while walking  across America spreading the message contained herein to all whose love of “Their Prized Mobility” permits them to drive as if they are idiots with no concern for anyone; especially the Children of our near future.)


Mr. Roy Larners

who confronted

3 Pieces of Scrap


fought them off

in the latest occurence of fools sacrificing their lives to try to MURDER OTHERS due their beliefs in ancient lies!

and ALL who

Dare Do


Reality Dictates

we must do!


I dedicate this

January 17, 2017 to

President Obama!

For the fortitude,

the insight,

the compassion

and the belief

in Humanity so necessary

to help us find our way!

And did so with an

exemplary display

of courage 

when commuting

Chelsea Manning’s


President Obama!

On behalf of all!

Thank You!

(Especially to-day, May 17, 2017

as Chelsea Manning is freed

from the torturous 

conditions under which she was malignantly incarcerated for having acted as a dedicated Patriot to America’s highest values! - Contrary to the will of those who insist that 

“The Sheep”






And so we embark on

a new era . . . one


"Speaking Truth To Power”

may no longer be acceptable 

and may well prove

quite dangerous.

Donald J.Trump,


Presidential Pretense,

has put all

“On Warning”. 

It is going to go

"His Way”, 

with nothing but

“Tough Lines



for anyone who might

dare to confront or, worse,

oppose him on whatever subject.


the effort to 

Wake Humanity

to the need to


all personal vehicles

shall continue. It must.

It must as we have


response to the now

visible acceleration of the

"Life Extinction Event”

posing as a

"Runaway Global

Heating Crisis".

If we have any

bonafide concerns

for our children

and their future:

We shall respond to such 

by heeding what is

offered at: 



all personal vehicles

and conduct ourselves

in a manner displaying a

full awareness of the threat

of our near term extinction

if we fail to get


on board.

Thank you.

Daniel J. Lavigne

is for sale.


Woe . . while Humanity struggles to find a way to openly and honestly deal with the

“Life Extinction Event”,

the hypocrite known as

“The Presidential Prick”

now residing at the WhiteHouse

has the 8 year old daughter of an American murdered in Yemen!

And So We Went Weeping 

And So We Went Weeping 

To the edge of her grave

She lay in her casket 

So quiet and brave. 

At the age of six 

She was wildly torn 

By a bastard in black 

Of some nation's uniform. 

To kill all such bastards! 

Is now our refrain 

To tear all such bastards 

From their mother's own brains! 

Kill all such bastards! 

Is now our common call! 

As we weep near the casket 

Of a child they made fall! 

And kill all their teachers 

They are scum! They are rot! 

Kill all their parents 

For birthing such blots! 

Woe! Scream our souls! 

May those bastards come by! 

We'll teach them to think! 

And not make children cry! 

Oh Please! Oh dear bastards! 

Please trust and come by 

Lest our hate heat our hearts 

And too soon make us die. 

Come near dear Bastards 

To hear us say hi . . . 

Come near to our hearts 

And yours we'll soon fry! 

And So We Went Weeping 

To another child lost 

To the hates of the past 

And miseries long sought. 

And So We Went Weeping 

And what else can we say 

Our hate and our anger 

Now guides all our days. 

Copyright July 11, 1998 

Daniel J. Lavigne  


Send that scum to wherever

he chooses to do his

“Pussy Snatching”!



to kick him out of

The White House!


Her Right Of Freedom From A Fool Dictates Such, As Does Reality!

And Its Dictates!

Such aside:

When Do We

Tell The Children?

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To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

"The Tax Refusal

Concerned about the threat of our near future extinction? Join the effort to wake the world!

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